A New Level Of Model Railroading?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Vic, Jan 12, 2004.

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    To continue the discussion... we call such behavior "adult" and try to shield our children from it, right? Like "adult comedy", "adult movies", etc. So, if such subjects offend you as an adult does that mean you are still really a child? Or do you feel I’m still a child and you need to protect me from it because I’m the child? I say the “f word” and everyone knows what I’m saying, but if I actually typed it out I would offend some (lots of) people. If I get mad and say damn is that any worse than I get mad and say darn or dagnabit? I say no. It’s the anger that’s really the bad thing. I also say them kids in school talk, and said talk would make a sailor blush. I remember hiding Playboy’s and Hustler when I was a teen, but haven’t looked at one since I was 20. When I was 17 I said lots of swear words, but I don’t today. I understand that Comedy Central, BET, and other cable station will start to allow the f word to be said on cable TV, but BET bleeps out the n word. I am confused by all these standards. If you are mad and say the f word is that worse than saying it in jest? Those cars that started this here discussion were in jest. Well, maybe not the Clinton one. DASH:) PS I read somewhere the worst thing you can do to an adult is make them think.
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    Oct 1, 2003
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    Dash, I was referring to the cars that the thread was initially about. Humorous idea - but the decaling was sub par. I believe you in regards to the Campbell's 66 company.
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    While I believe humor is a very individually subjective thing and feel everyone should be able to model in a way that pleases them, I find myself leaning toward Vic's perspective, at least for myself. Absolute realism would demand a certain amount of unpleasantness on our layouts. I have an abandoned building covered with grafitti but it is free of vulgarity. I know that similar buildings in the real world could have the F word along with other colorful phrases and illustrations painted on them.

    I like the idea of a somewhat kinder world in modelling., perhaps an escape from the gritty real world. I'd no more scrawl obscenities on my buildings than would I model a gruesome bloody car crash or a sickening murder scene with my little plastic people.

    The joke cars featured above don't offend me but they create an atmosphere that doesn't fit with my goals in the hobby.

    Oh, I remember seeing those Humpin' to please trucks. I always thought they were funny.

    Interesting and thoughtful thread!