A New Category: Jan Rukr's Astro Racer and Independent Entries Builds

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    Post your Astro Racer builds in theJan Rukr's Astro Racer and Independent Entries Section of the forum, they all go there****. This forum is strictly for Jan Rukr's work in regards to Astro Racers. Anyone wishing to add a subcategory for his other work, voice your opinion, and let's gt a consensus going.

    Also, please, post any other suggestions and if they can be done, and have a consensus, we will try to accommodate within the confines of the forum's software. If you do not see your work there, send me a PM with a link WITH the URL to me,, Zathros, and I will move it to this section of the forum, A.S.A.Feasible. :)

    If you go through the category section, you will see the name of the subsection, just click and the posts will become visible. Admin page was fighting with me today!

    Actually, I did this as we may be getting more of his work, and wanted to leave room for it. ;)

    Link to Heading: http://www.zealot.com/categories/jan-rukrs-astro-racer-and-independent-entries.690/

    *****Direct Link to new section: http://www.zealot.com/forums/jan-rukrs-astro-racer-and-independent-entries.693/