A lot of other "NARA's"

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    Jan 18, 2002
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    I was flipping throughan old 1988 RMC and found a reference to ICC information administered by "NARA".

    This is the US National Archives and Records Administration.

    So I did a Google hit for NARA to see what showed up, and there were 160,000 links, including, just on the first page,
    The above mentioned National Archives listing, plus:

    -National Aircraft Resale Association
    -National Association for Regulatory Administration.
    -Nara Prefecture in Japan [ I've been there, it's nice.]

    So I stopped the Google search.

    "NARA" is bigger than one might think.;)
    regards / Mike
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    Not to mention that there is a prototype railroad North American Rail Alliance.

    But we got here first.:D :D :D