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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by CAS, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Apr 10, 2005
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    Need help from the real freindly people here.

    I am interested in building this layout i found in a MR book, basic model railroad track plans. Page 16, the valley forge central. It is a plan for a 4'x8' HO plan. But, i'm converting it to a N scale, with minor adjustments.

    I will be using the 1", or 2" pink, blue foam for the base layer. Probably gonna use the same for the top layer. I know if i were to use the plywood, i would have use screw in eyelets for the wiring on the upper level. But i not sure what to use to fasten the wiring from the track to the foam, bottom side. Also, my thinking on this, isn't the wiring from the track gonna interfer with the operation of my trains?

    then my next concern will be, how will i wire the track when the top layer is affix to the bottom. My big claw hands will not fit into a 2" space. Will it be possible to wire it before i attach it together?


    Thank you for your help, and tips.
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    Welcome aboard CAS. :wave: Let's see if I can answer you with my linited knowledge.

    First, I would build the layout to the 4x8 size and just use N Scale track, this would provide better track to scenery ratio.

    Second, I used a 1x3 frame on my layout with cross braced every 12-16". And 2" blue foam glued on the top. The wiring is simply fed through the foam and then through a series of small holes in the cross members.

    Third, I would be wiring the upper level before you put it in place. Route the wires to the outer edge of the layout. They could be held in place with small eye hooks screwed into the foam.

    The top section might be better as a sheet of plywood. The front would be supported by the foam but I would support the back in more places than indicated. Two or three 2" pieces of 1x1s should be enough.

    Just my thoughts, don't know if they are correct or not. :D
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    I think Will has it covered. Are you setting this up for DC or DCC control? I like the layout and the 1x3 framing idea. That should provide you with plenty of support.

    Welcome to the Gauge.