A.H.M. - Minitrix Hoppers.

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    Hi Group, July 10th, 07.
    Tuesday 19:00 Hrs. M.D.T.

    Years Ago - A Long Time Ago, Try the 70s etc, If I'm
    Correct, Mini Trix Had a Round Covered Hopper With 7 or 8
    Hatches on the Bottom etc. I've Got About 6 or So in Road
    Names of Dow, and Union Carbide, Both are Block and the
    Others are in Blue.
    Anyone Know What Happened to the Cars. The Only
    Place You See Them Now is at Flee Market Sales. Nice Cars
    as I saw It. To Bad Atlas Couldn't Get a Hold of the Dies or
    Someone Else. Nice Cars to Market.
    Also A.H.M. at One Time Marketed a Flat Side 5 Bay
    Covered Hopper. I Have about 2 of Them. What Ever Happened
    to These Cars. A Bit Long - Perhaps, But It was an Interesting
    Car to Say the Least.
    I'm Not Sure If These Cars are Available in N Scale
    in North America, Perhaps in Europe under AHM or Riverossi
    etc. Be Interesting to Find Out. To Bad Someone Doesn't
    Have the Smarts to Market These Little Gems.

    Thanks Group, Take Care for Now.