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    I was digging through my piles of railway shots a few days ago and I came across this one, taken during the summer of 1983.
    At the time, rebuilt geeps were not that common, so I pulled over to get a shot of #8518 working on a ballast train beside the south end of Kootenay Lake at Sirdar and while talking with a freind working at the Cranbrook yard the following day, I was told that #8518 had arrived from Calgary only a few days days previously and was on work train service to Nelson.
    I asked my freind if he could call me if the unit arrived back in Cranbrook, so I could get some close up shots.
    Three days later, Joe called me up and informed me that the Big Hook (Cranbrook Auxiliary) had been dispatched to a delrailment near Goatfell (MP 46.0 of the Nelson Sub)
    I found out that #8518 had been damaged beyond repair and would be scrapped.
    A few years later I discovered that, in 1984, CP Rail renumbered 5 Chop nose GP9's into the 8200 series.
    8615, 8619, 8518, 8530 and 8492 were renumbered 8200, 8201, 8202, 8203 and 8204 respectively.
    Curious that CP Rail would renumber a locomotive that was no longer on its roster:confused:
    Any clues?



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    You never know what a railroad will do in these changing times.