8 new models at Ecardmodels (belated update)

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    For those of you that may not have noticed Marek has returned to releasing models electronically. His latest ones are very well detailed and come with better diagrams for putting the models together. Check out his newest releases only found here in electronic format! All in 1:33 Look for more soon!
    Curtiss Wright CW-21B Demon
    Focke Wulf Ta-183 Huckebein
    Heinkel He-51B
    Bloch MB-152

    Ryan Short gave us another exceptional L5 Sentinel - give it a look!

    Ecardmodels is proud to present the Caudron G4 in a special livery. Its my wifes great great uncles plane that he used when flying in the Escadrille 11 in France. He later went on to become commander in chief of the French Air Force
    Trent Henry also surprises everyone with another speedy release! A magnificent full size gun the Royal Ordnance L85A2! Those of you that have purchased his other weapons know you can expect nothing short of perfection!