7th scale drifter - pics and a crash vid heh

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by lofreq, Oct 18, 2004.

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    hi guys... just thought id post an update... this is about my 1:8th scale offroad buggy turned into 7th scale onroad drift machine, based on dimensions used by the hot bodies lighting street/ofna 7th sedan style vehicles...

    i posted a while back about the custom metal bodies we made for our cars.. now we finally managed to get hold of some hot bodies skyline lexan shells so here are some pics:


    also here are some pics from a local drift meet, of some 1/10th scale drivers - using various cars, mainly TT01 chassis, i also had my TL01 there too. the vid is my 7th scale sliding around then slamming head first into an unseen pillar (was totally behind another pillar close by so i was blind to it) damn... result is snapped front universal, and ripped sway bar... :( anyway for a laugh its a 1.9mb WMV video:


    cheers :wink:
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    got another vid of some sliding in an empty concrete carpark - great stuff to drive on, doesnt wear out the tyres too much. pretty slippery tho, needs careful/smooth throttle control to balance the car...

    6.2mb WMV file here rightclick, saveas... 8)

    is there no one else who drifts nitro on rubber. let alone on 7th scale size. cmon ppl! hehe :twisted: