57 chev body

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by tug33r, Dec 27, 2006.

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    does anyone know where i can get a 57 chev 1:10 scale body for my rc???
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    1957 chevy

    hi not sure weather your looking for a 190mm or 200mm but found a 200mm on a quick search ( BODY 200mm CHEVY BEL AIR 1957 3pc ) http://www.stanbridges.com.au/index.cfm/shop.p9028 there is the link to the site .. never done any transactions with this site so i cant tell you either way what there like..on the other hand there is a 1961 chevy 190mm at this link (http://www.modelsinmotion.co.uk/product.asp?productid=7656&catCode=132&tamiya=258) i know these are quiet good quick delivery and fairly good on the wallet too.one last one just found its a 57 chevy 200mm at this link (http://www.boyztoys.ie/index.php?subj=itemdetails&id=5398) prices here are reasonable quiet good service had a couple of dealings here too .hope this is of some benifit all the best..:)
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