$50 HO Box Car?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Rusty Spike, Dec 19, 2003.

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    Dec 29, 2003
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    Yep, The CERTAIN 3. They are good to us.

    Sounds like a movie. "THE CERTAIN 3"

    You have said it right Mike.

    That is exactly what we would be getting.

    There is always someone else that blows your own stuff away.

    Here Ye Here Ye, I encourage others to come forth and show
    us your work! It would be better than looking at cars just slapped together and stroked over with a brush here and there.

    To tell you the truth Mike, Those assembly line modelers that
    stick out like a sore thumb, They provide the contrast for
    our non assembly line works of art.

    I'm hoping that EBAYERS will look, learn and wise up when they
    see what they are getting.

    As they educate themselves, they will soon learn why a box car can surpass the $50 mark.

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    Nov 8, 2001
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    Not taking anything away from you guy's work or anything along that line but want to mention a few things concerning high bids.
    I suppose there are those that money is of no consequence.I saw a stock P2K C&O GP9 go for $152.00 on e bay yesterday.Those can be found at train shows for around $55.00-65.00 in most cases and if one looks.


    Now in that light my P2K C&O GP7/9s must be worth a rather small fortune seeing that they have the bell mounted on the short hood,the correct horns and numbers.Not to mention most are custom painted with the correct paint scheme and style of lettering for the number of the unit that I chose to model.

    Now I have notice anything C&O goes for top dollar usually.I saw a hard to find Athearn blue box C&O blue extended vision caboose kit go for for $55.00 awhile back..I was lucky enough to buy 2 P2K GP30s for $55.00 each on a buy it now deal and I jump at that Chance as those are hard birds to find.:thumb:

    Yes,bids can and will get out of hand on e bay for just about anything from time to time including empty Athearn locomotive and long car boxes and here for years I been tossing my unwanted long Athearn boxes.:eek: ::( :cry:

    I suppose there is a moral to the story..There is a demand for just about anything and *may* fetch a very good return price on ones investment including empty boxes.:D