5" Star Destroyer Model

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    [​IMG]Here is the second “mixed-media” model I wanted to share with the board. It started out as a 12” paper model of a Star Wars Star Destroyer I found online. Everything I build is made with some game or other in mind. Now 12” looks really good but just is NOT practical for your average tabletop game (Opponents take one look and say UH-UHH!!) so I decided to shrink it. That’s when I discovered that folding paper with tweezers is NOT a fun thing to do! Nor am I very good at it! Not to mention that when you scale down the Star Destroyer model, it becomes very flimsy, very quickly.

    So, after many failures, I went back to the drawing board. What I ended up doing was creating the “super-structure” out of plasticard sheets layered one upon the next, then “applying” the paper model like a decal to the outside. I accomplished this by printing out the model using 8”x10” Avery Label sheets and cutting each piece out one by one and sticking them to the model. The result is a sturdy good-looking game piece that fits right in to any space-battle scenario you can think of (cue Star Wars theme)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now you may be thinking “Sure, sounds great but in 3 weeks it is going to peel like a banana!” That’s where Testors Dull Cote comes in. I hit the model with no less than six coats of Dull Cote, letting each dry in-between. This formed an impermeable layer that is hard as a rock, water-proof too….er…..water-resistant….how about we don’t try that at all. There is one purely paper part of the model. Try as hard as I might, I could not curl plasticard into the engine cones! Thank God for paper!!

    So, here we have the second of my “mixed-media” models, the 5” Star Destroyer. Next week, the BORG!

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    That's pretty cool! I think we need a Mixed Media section.
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    I built this model about 5 years ago.....and it was destroyed in a moving accident. Not a badly designed model, but the engines and the deflector tower domes lacked detail. I used beads for the domes and it worked out a lot better.
    Nice job, gogreer! Your engine install looks better than how my turned out.