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    Some new additions to our large array of model aircraft this time around are :

    Irbitis I-16 (VEF-16) in two more liveries. One as evaluated by the Germans and another as evaluated by the Russians. It is not known if this was the same aircraft but, because there were only three of this plane made, odds are strong it was.
    order reference numbers are:
    05-VEF-16-02 for the Russian version
    05-VEF-16-03 for the German version

    Also in the singles area are:
    Ford's version of the JB-2 Loon (a V-1 copy) and a one off aircraft developed to test alternate positions for pilots to fly their craft in. It seems some were blacking out or becoming disoriented in dive attacks and were plowing fields. Not a good thing if you were the pilot!

    Order reference numbers are:
    00-JB-2-1 for the Ford V-1
    05-Berlin-9 for the FFN Berlin 9

    Come see them and look around. Be patient, site is heavy with graphics and may take some time loading especially if you are still on dial up.


    Changes will be posted to the site later this morning and delivery available this afternoon.