4 additional downloads of historic cardmodels on Kartonmodell-Forum

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    Hello everybody,

    this is just a short note, to inform you, that Kartonmodell-Forum now offers 4 more historical cardmodels as free downloads.

    The "new" models are a cannon, a sanitary truck from WW 1, a small paper theatre and the Bleriot Monoplane from probably 1905.

    So there are now at all 17 free downloads of very rare and antique sheets available:

    4 Planes / airships
    1 Revolver (!)
    3 cannons
    2 locomotives / waggons
    1 crib
    1 Gondola from Venice
    1 Very big lampshade-model
    1 Military truck

    The new models are shown here


    Best regards

    Thomas Pleiner

    PS 1: It is still amazing, to find my "Frank-MichaelĀ“s Tips & Tricks" on the cardmodelers.org homepage still after all these years. And the building-report of my frame model Nieuport 11, too. ;-)

    PS 2: The downloads of the historical modelsheets are in the member-section of Kartonmodell-Forum, as most of you probably know. But if you are not registered yet, please note, that the forum is running with real names, not with nicknames. So the condition for the free membership is a registration with Firstname and familyname.

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