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    Here are three of the most useful tools on my bench. I'm an airplane guy so those are the examples I'll use.

    The big white rubber block is for forming. By rolling a dowel over the flat piece you can form a roll or cone. A little practice and an assortment of round things and you can form fuselage segemnts to the correct shape before even thinking about glue and formers.
    It's sold by Staedler/Mars as a "Mastercarve Artist Carving Block" for making block prints or rubber stamps. It's exactly the same as their drafting erasers except for size.

    The lower tool is an embossing tool available from Excell. It comes with a handle and several other points including a fine point I use as a scriber. Used with the rubber block it allows the forming of localized compound curves such as fairings, gun blisters and wingtips. It can aslo be used to rub seams and joints smooth

    The upper one is a sail needle. It's slightly curved with a soft diamond shaped cross-section. If you buy a set of household mending needles there will probably be one in the set, or you might have one languishing around the house as sail mending is probably NOT part of everyone's daily routine:wink:
    I cut the eye off and put it in a spare knife handle. It's good for some forming and great for pressing down seams. It's long enough to reach inside a small segment to smooth down joining strips or adjust formers.

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    Thanks Shrike............ I got to get one of the rubber block thingies. I forsee a trip to Michael's this weekend!

    Oh........ and I just broke my sail mending needle so I guess I should pick up another one to use for card modeling.:grin: You know....... you can not pry open more than one old paint can lid with those things... jeez!