27, 40 and 49 mhz together

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    Have you ever seen those tiny toy RC speed boats, less than 4 in. long, with two independent props (two channels)? They come in 3 flavours: 27, 40 and 49 mhz.

    I bought 2, 40 and 49 mhz, in order to use both RX in my last model, a microsub (made from a Roll-on deodorant for women); two horizontal props push the sub, one vertical prop for depth. But the 49 TX seems to interfere the 40 RX; both RX are connected in parallel to the same battery pack (no room for more), I added an electrolitic and ceramic capacitor to each RX. When I make the vertical motor run (driven by the 49 RX), one of the horizontal motors (driven by the 40 RX) spins intermitently.

    Is it a radio related problem? Should I use 27+40, 27+49, what do you think?