2007 IPMS/USA Nationals To Welcome PAPER Models!

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by David T. Okamura, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. David T. Okamura

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    Jan 31, 2005
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    To the Paper Modeling Community,

    The following is an official news release issued by IPMS/Orange County. Please read this announcement, and I'll explain at the bottom why this is a landmark development for paper modeling in the United States:


    Local Model Club to Host IPMS/USA National Convention in 2007

    25 July 2005 - Garden Grove, California - The Orange County Chapter of the International Plastic Modeler's Society (IPMS) is pleased to announce that they have been selected to host the 2007 IPMS/USA National Convention and Contest in Anaheim California. The event will be held at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel from Wednesday 22 August 2007 through Saturday 25 August 2007.

    The IPMS/USA National Convention and Contest is the premier display of scale models in the Americas. The just completed 2005 event in Atlanta Georgia broke all existing records for attendance, model contest entries as well as models on exhibit. Modelers from all over the world travel, with their creations, to attend this event each year and to display their work.

    "The Orange County Chapter of IPMS/USA is thrilled to have been awarded this privilege." said Nat Richards, Chapter President and Convention Co-Chairman. Richards went on to say "It will have been 33 years since this event was last in Orange County and we are eager to show all of the participants and visitors what we have to offer here in the area. Likewise, we are equally excited about showing the general public here in Southern California the remarkable works of art created by the members of our Society".

    Each IPMS/USA National Annual Convention features other events besides the model contest and exhibition. Manufacturers, large and small, from all over the world present their products to the gathering. There will be more than 60 hours of educational and historical seminars. Tours are offered to
    venues of significant interest to the attendees and, naturally, attendees will take advantage of the many recreational opportunities here in Orange

    Updates on plans and events will be provided on a regular basis as we progress.

    For Additional Information, Contact:
    Nat Richards


    Hello again,

    IPMS/OC has tried for YEARS to secure a National Convention, and by all rights we should have hosted the 2004 con instead of Phoenix, Arizona. That disappointment left the club very leery, and so I refrained from mentioning this possibility for nearly a year. Fellow members of the Southern California Paper Modelers' Conspiracy were in on this secret (why do you think it's called a CONSPIRACY?) :wink: and I did leak news so it could be informally discussed at the Ninth International Paper Modelers Convention, which was taking place during the same weekend as the 2005 IPMS/USA Nationals in Atlanta where our bid proposal was finally approved.

    Note in the news release that the Atlanta convention set new attendance records. At last count, there were 134 vendors (425 vendor tables -- all sold), 1,421 registrants and 3,222 models entered into the competition. This is not counting models simply on display, nor all the visitors who simply admired the models and listened to the presentations. While West Coast Nationals are significantly smaller (perhaps about 75-80% of a typical East Coast Nationals), this is a good indication of just how LARGE these events are. You can experience the Atlanta Nationals (including LOTS of model photos) at http://www.ipmsusa2005.org/

    Now here's where things get interesting for 2007. For the first time at an International PLASTIC Modelers Association/USA Nationals, there will be a PAPER model category in nearly every regular model contest division! These are EXPERIMENTAL categories, so whether this continues in future IPMS/USA Nationals depends on participation and overall reaction. Even then, this is an incredible breakthrough -- there was once a time many years ago when a model at an IPMS-sponsored contest had to be at least 75% plastic. (This rule was eventually discarded with the introduction of photoetched accessories, resin, vinyl and other materials, but there's still a lingering impression that a model should be mostly styrene.) When I first heard that our club president had proposed paper model contests, I was extremely moved that he would "stick his neck out" for our hobby. But when I inquired on whether he encountered any resistance, here was Nat's response:

    "Much to my surprise there were no negative comments at all and only positive ones were expressed. Jack Kennedy the incoming IPMS President has been to OrangeCon the last couple of years and expressed how very impressed he was with the quality of the paper models there."

    So the times they ARE a-changing. But it's now up to US to take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    It's been 33 years since an IPMS/USA Nationals has been held in the Greater Los Angeles/Orange County area. A major reason is the high cost of hosting conventions in Southern California, ESPECIALLY something as big as the Nationals. (There's only a few hotels with sufficient exhibit space for the contest tables, dealer room, banquet, seminars, etc.) This is also the reason why a small paper model convention is financially unfeasible -- believe me, I've looked at several options over the years. But now we have the chance to practically have a paper model mini-con WITHIN the nation's biggest model event!

    Yes, we might be "guests at another person's party", but frankly this is the ONLY way we can enjoy a West Coast gathering of paper modelers. And it's the BEST opportunity to exhibit our work and impress our plastic brethren. The potential exposure is enormous -- the model contest room will be open 24 hours a day until judging begins on Friday evening, and photographers from many model magazines will be attending. Add to this the local media, attendees from across the West and beyond, plus walk-in traffic, and our models will attract plenty of attention.

    And we really need to WOW the IPMS with quality and variety. The traditional strong points of paper modeling has been relative low cost and the sheer range of subject matter compared to the rather restricted commercial plastic kits. There are paper models even more detailed and accurate than the finest styrene kits, and those that will delight the wives and kids who also attend these events. Whether you decide to enter the formal competition (which means you need to be an IPMS/USA member, but one-year's dues are reasonable) or just exhibit your creations on the display tables, we need to portray our hobby in the best possible light -- something that's different, inexpensive, appealing to nearly all age groups and interests, fascinating and downright addictive!

    And of course there's other ways to push our hobby at the Nationals, whether on the dealers floor or in the seminar rooms. As a "warm-up" practice, Mike and Demi Hungerford joined me for a "Paper Models in the Internet Age" presentation at a science fiction convention earlier this year. We're open to other program suggestions and volunteers. A "make-and-take" table geared for the youngsters might be a good idea, too.

    So I'm inviting all of you to make plans for August 22-25, 2007. We'd love to see you in Anaheim, and share our enthusiasm for paper modeling. Who knows? We might even get a few converts! I'll keep you fully informed as more details emerge. In closing, I'd like to thank the Southern California Paper Modelers Conspiracy (Peter Crow, Tom and Annika Steichen, Jim Nunn, Bob Penikas, Dan Shippey, Jason Sutton, Mike and Demi Hungerford and Larry Maxfield) for their dedicated work in promoting paper modeling. You played a large part in getting IPMS/USA to recognize our hobby.

    See you in 2007!

    David T. Okamura
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    Jan 25, 2004
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    Wow! Great work by all! It's hard to believe that this humble hobby of ours is now a contender. With this crowd we should be able to wow'em...,

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