2003 Lionel Alco S-2 Switcher Engine Value question

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    Dec 25, 2006
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    I purchased used a Lionel Alco S-2 switcher from a dealer (2003 catalogue). It has TMCC and Odyssey. I can return it in the next day or two if not satisfied. It runs great in conventional mode (I don't have TMCC yet). The cruise is awesome. It is missing three parts: a rail on the back wall of the cab; the smoke stack insert (neither part is available from Lionel), and the front hatch that hides the volume control I think is supposed to have hinges. They aren't there. Otherwise, it looks very good.

    Questions about this engine:

    - Is it likely I could find a source for these missing parts?
    - In conventional mode, are the horn and bell sounds supposed to be fairly random?
    - Changing the throttle position sometimes activates the horn or bell. Is this normal?
    - The horn button on my C-80 doesn't always trigger the horn, especially in cruise mode. Is this appropriate?

    I understand that the sounds on a conventionally controlled TMCC engine will be somewhat random, but I don't know how random.

    What would be a "fair price" for this unit? New MSRP was $379.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.
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    This is a hard one to give you an answer to. The missing parts would make it hard to give a price that I would pay for it. In addition the few Lionel trains with TMCC I have do not give random bell or horn sounds even when I use my CW 80. The crew talk can be random when it stop or sits fro awhile.

    I might be able to find some parts for you but I can’t guarantee that I can. Usually I have an easy time of finding any Post War parts but this would be a challenge. Hopefully some one else may know of a place.

    Now what is a fair price and is this the engine for you? If you like it and don’t mind the few problems then make an offer that you are willing to pay. Since this is a new engine with some damage if even small it should not command top dollar value.

    Personally I would pass on it but then again I like my modern stuff to be 100%. I’m more willing to take older or cheaper engines / locomotives in this condition because they are easier to find parts and cheaper to get repaired if it is not operating correctly.