2001 ASO: Orion III

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    After a few months away from this genre, on another paper model build in the world of railways, I decided to 'get myself back into it', so to speak.

    Long ago it was, since I last saw her. And even now, the Discovery lies forlorn, lost and blanketed in a shroud of black misery..........

    I needed to get some practice. I needed to warm up! I needed to learn how to get smooth balls..... Erm, by edge gluing and back tabbing. What do you think I was talking about ???? :rolleyes: The Discovery's command module was next on the build list.

    Smooth balls means, smooth curves and joints, delicate cutting, consistent profile and equiformity. And I have to mention here: Fellow member Eatonad is the master of smooth balls. :thumb:

    So, as a fitting subject, to practice attaining the afore mentioned qualities upon, I chose to have a bash at building the Orion III.
    She has no balls upon her, but she has smooth curves and flowing lines that need to be massaged into shape, and .......... Sorry! Where was I .......?

    I bashed this together yesterday over a few hours, but the print was ink-jet and not as durable as I would of liked, (I was spoilt in the past.:oops:)

    The fuselage... Not happy with it. I can see the joins. A ...kin blind man would see those joins.....


    Results of bad print quality, and/or over enthusiastic fingers, are evident in the cockpit windows.
    The former still needs to go in to shape the nose section, but the joints are terrible.


    I had dreams last night about a bird that I killed, when I was very young....
    I kept seeing its mocking skull before me.......
    Putting the thing together, was just as much a nightmare!!!


    Oh, and some of the edging for the wing assemblies....


    This is not looking to be a clean build by any means....

    This is my test bed! When the wrinkled, warped, ungainly beast finally emerges from the maws, I'll set it to one side, as an example of how NOT to do it .....sign1

    I am in no rush ...

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    I admire your smooth balls discourse, thankfully, this is a forum, and no contact is possible. :) I am delighted to see this craft. It is an all time favorite and should prove to be an excellent model, neuter or not! :)
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    It looks like you are off to a good start. You are doing a GREAT job.
    You are doing a much better job with this then I could. I still have a LONG way to go before I can think about mastering this technique.

    I will be following this thread.
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    Feb 1, 2013
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    looks very nice, I just started working on the star trek uss grissom, I glued normal paper with some cards to giv it more rigid frame but its very har to work with it, I was wondering if you can tell me what kind a paper are you using for this job....thanks
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    Hiya fernandico, I was using 120 gsm paper for this version. But, the print quality was terrible. It did not matter how careful I was, the print cracked at the folds. Anyway, in my limited experience in this hobby, I have found 160 gsm to be the best general use stock. If you need to do fine details, then use 120 or even 80 gsm stock. 200 gsm is good for laminating other parts and also for parts requiring structural strength

    When I restart this project, I am going to use 160gsm paper instead, especially on the fuselage, for rigidity. Laminating the fuselage formers is advisable, and accurate placement of these formers is crucial to keep the lines of the fuselage clean and smooth.
    The photos I have posted are a good (and embarrassing :oops:) example of how NOT to do it.
    Ok, it was my first attempt at edge glueing. It is still a skill I have not yet mastered to my satisfaction. Which is why my Discovery project has come to a standstill at the moment.

    But, as they say: Practice makes Perfect.:mrgreen:

    And with all the great advice from supportive members and staff on this forum, you cant go wrong!!!!

    Oh, but dont forget TIME in the equation!!:rolleyes::mrgreen: