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    Three new releases this morning.

    On the "Not Air" page you will find a small offering in unusual armor. The Beaverette was an armored car used for British Home Defense by the Army and in Airfield Defense by the RAF. Based on a car chassis and powered by a 48 hp engine this little vehicle weighed in at just over 2.5 ton. Capable of speeds of 24 mph and usually packing a Bren or Vickers machine gun this was truly a genuine armored vehicle.
    Order reference: 05-beaverette-01
    In 1:35-scale and available later today.

    Following two are on the "Kit Bashing" page.

    Our second offering is for the kit basher. Clerget 9b : A WWI era engine used in Sopwith Camel, Triplane, Baby and the 1 1/2 Strutter, the Clerget 9b developed a whopping 130 hp. Clergets were made in 110-hp and 130-hp models, however the 130 may have been a little overdeveloped, since it was subject to overheating.
    Order reference: 132-clerget-9b
    Offered in 1:32-scale and also is available today.

    Our last offering this good day is the Gnome Monosoupape : Powering some of the early British aircraft such as the De Havilland D.H.2, and the Vickers F.B.5 Gun Bus, the 9 cylinder Gnome Monosoupape has secured it's position in history. Packing 100 hp and providing speeds from the low 90's up to 115 mph range. In these two aircraft, mounting the engine rear of the fuselage permitted the use of a fixed, forward-firing machine gun before the advent of the synchronous machine gun as well as the movable gun on the Vickers. This power plant was also used in other craft as well.
    Order reference: 132-gnome-mono-01
    Also offered in 1:32-scale and available today.


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