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    Hi All,

    Firts let me say that I've put up a homepage which for now is pretty much a front-end for my Photobucket albums. I'm scanning and uploading all my old photos and videos so that, hopefully, someone can make use of them. A lot of the old photos are in pretty bad shape after 30-40 years storage, but I will put that right as I can. Take a look and feel free to use anything there (except my artwork). If I ever finish any paper models that I'm not ashamed of, I will post them there also. Address is: http://home.comcast.net/~felixdk203.

    The questions:

    Does anyone make a paper model of the Tupolev SB bomber?

    Has anyone ever tried scanning an old balsa and tissue model plan into a 3D program and developing a paper model from that? I'm thinking specifically of Cleveland plans, which are really very nice and offer a wide range of aircraft.http://www.clevelandairline.com/default.asp I would think that as they aleady have formers and wing ribs in the plans to give the correct shape, the conversion to a paper shape might be fairly easy?