#1n1m ???

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    Jul 9, 2007
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    Is anyone running small G scale, 1/32, 1/29, on O gauge (1 1/4") track?
    1 1/4 inch track scales to an almost perfect 1000mm in 1/32 and is a perfect 36 inches in 1/29.
    This combination provides a large garden railroad "G" train while avoiding expensive "G" track. I have a MTH Rail-King (off scale) Texan; if I rebuild
    the cab to 1/32 it models a narrow gauge American with 44" drivers; 40"
    drivers in 1/29 scale.
    What do y'all think, #1n1m, #1n36, #1n42 ?
    Sanford, Fl
    P.S. I would want to modify my Texan to two rail, battery powered, RC.
    Would that be: Proto#1n1m ?