1930's-40's rolling stock

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    When billboard reefers were outlawed, there was an exception. If a car carried the product advertised on the sides, billboards wre legal. Since the meat packers were mostly private fleets and not owned by the railroads, the meat reefers continued to be billboard cars until the demise of meat reefers. Part of the reason (perhaps the main reason) that they were private fleets is that the meat packing houses were built with door spacing to fit 36 foot cars. When the railroads went to 40 & 50 foot cars, the meat packers were unwilling to change their buildings to use the new larger cars, so they had private fleets of 36 foot cars that were used into the early 1960's. Therefore you can be prototypical running 36 foot reefers decorated for Rath, Morrell, Hormel, Armour, or Swift. I'm probably forgetting some companies, but those are the ones I remember from off the "top of my head."
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    It is great to gather such good information.
    I have been modelling German HO all my lifebut eventually changed to US prototype as a compromise when a friend that modelled English OO and I built a layout together..
    After all, if I had to buy new trains so should he.

    Never having been to the US, but having purchased many magazines and a photo book of the C&S, we ended up with a very freelance standard gauge HO layout using low boiler Bachmann Baldwin 4-6-0s (modified with spark arrestors, tender bludger boards and tool boxes) and a whole fleet of second hand roundhouse "old time" rolling stock.
    To make them look a little like C&S equipment we lowered them all and added the high brake wheels.
    Very impressive to the untutored eye.
    What era are we modelling.. I dont know.. but we love it and by the way we have more than one reefer that still retains the billboard. we did not have the heart to change them all to C&S.
    I guess the moral is as most of the folk here have said;
    Its your railway... Enjoy it is the only real rule.