1/7th scale nitro drift project (updated new vid!)

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by lofreq, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. lofreq

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    decided to flag the short buggy wheelbase/pvc wheels, as the nitro cars are too heavy for pvc and have too much power

    inspired by the hotbodies and ofna 7th scale machines, a friend and i have decided to go bigger again - 1/7 scale machines for drift

    we are 'prototyping' rubber hose for drift wheel material, this seems to give good grip for speed + controllable traction loss, and also is cheap (one length of hose makes about 16 tyres! and costs the same as a pair of rubber onroad tyres) click here for some pics, and a test vid on the buggy (still at buggy sized wheelbase - but handling appears good! anyone whos tried to control a drift on rubber, on tarmac, using a buggy, knows its more or less impossible to prevent the eventual 'snap-oversteer-spinout' symptom...)

    and we've begun stage 1 of the chassis extension and body mounts, extending our 1/8th scale cars to 420mm wheelbase, im making a metal body modelled on an old nissan 'laurel' medalist, click here for some pics and a paper mockup of the final design (should be about 715mm long! hehe)

    next weekend - body frame rails, foam shaping etc, maybe a test video!

  2. AE86 Drifter

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    sweet i am glad to see some project vehicles. i love seeing projects and progression on them. i am also into electric rock crawling and people always are building custom trucks. It is really awesme to see something that is a one off custom vehicle purpose built for drifting. keep us updated
  3. SpArKeY_STi

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    Those are sweet! Cant wait to see the final product.
  4. lofreq

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    update! 2nd stage complete... :)

    heres some pics

    http://www.defy.net.nz/lofreq/pics/RC Stuff/040628 - 7th scale, 2nd stage/

    pics at the end are to give scale to the paper model (273cm long) and my old 1/8th scale kyosho landmax rally car. with a rather beaten subaru wrx shell. but you can see the size difference.

    made the main body frame rails, body shape using stiff foam shaped by hand, based on scaled up vector drawings of the real cars shape. 2 main 'slab' sides, then front/rear built with custom pieces to get a basic shape. aluminium roof cut to scale and bolted on. and a boot, for fun :) hey there was a ton of space back there.


    next on the list - windows (should i bother with this? side windows...), front and rear lexan windshields + ventilation ducts, strengthening all foam connect points and final shaping, body mounting system to chassis (to allow for the heavy! weight + some 'give' in case of impacts), then final metal skinning, 'panelbeating' and painting! stay tuned
  5. AE86 Drifter

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    wow lookin good. how do you plan on smoothing the foam? how many hours do you think you have spent on it?
    hope to see it finished soon
  6. lofreq

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    started plans on a thursday nite 2 weeks ago, then used the saturday after that to buy materials, sunday began building, that was stage 1, just extended the chassis/ driveshafts and built the front bumpers, etc

    then this weekend sat and sunday, about 7 hrs each day, building the rails, foam, etc. no time during the week...

    the foam is pretty dense stuff and (with effort) can be cut with an electric reciprocating saw (read BREAD KNIFE!) and normal craft knifes. for detail work, a sanding drum on a dremel works perfectly and makes clean cuts.

    id say 1 more weekend of work and this will be complete :)
  7. lofreq

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    here is stage 3!!!!!!!!!!!


    http://www.defy.net.nz/lofreq/pics/RC Stuff/040702 - 7th scale, 3rd stage/

    the body skin there is thin metal printing plate sheets! behind the metal sheets is the main body shape made of foam. we want to have crashes and have the car warp and damage realistically :) then we can just peel off the damaged fender, 'wrap' a new metal fender on, and its done! continue bashing. the body is secured to the car by long bodyposts that only anchor thru foam - purposely designed like this so that impact transfer does not act on the chassis directly, but designed to 'twist' and shear the forces around the chassis instead. the foam is quite compliant in impact.

    you will defintely be seeing some realistic accident damage photos on here soon! hehe.

    today beginning final stage 4 - paint, detailing, and testing. dunno how it drives with this much weight on it!
  8. lofreq

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    here it is after some paintwork


    more or less based on this - DR30 RS-X turbo: [​IMG]

    vids hopefully this weekend :) got some last weekend but rear driveshaft failed, and had a small crash into a wall too.. haha.
  9. driftsleeper

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    that's good modeling bro...im looking forward to the vids
  10. lofreq

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    hi guys just a few more photos and a video finally :)

    7th scale 4th stage - paint and detailing

    7th scale 5th stage - final prep and running! including a test run video (wmv)

    we didnt crash! but we had tyre problems as you can see hehe... and the handling of mine is not the best.. but we will tune more to get more control back into the drifts (chassis drifts well without the weight of the body.... so need to tune back to that level again...)

    more vids soon i hope :) and probably a big crash.... heh

  11. driftsleeper

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    your a pure genuis bro!! because of the weight material you used, you used the body to put more weight and friction to add more traction for a better drift control. mad props goes to you man. another thing though...if you make another one only with an AE86 trueno or levin body, that'd be utter DOPENESS!!
  12. lofreq

    lofreq Guest

    already got the plans in the works man! ;)


    also got a large vid of us slidin about and crashin into each other, wicked realistic damage! my mate's car got totalled hahah. he used much softer metal skin than i did. but its real easy to make new panelling... so it should be fine to repair. that was the whole point anyway :)

    got the handling slightly better but still needs work. i will post a vid as soon as i get it edited :)
  13. driftsleeper

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    the hatchback body you planned isnt a levin...the front clip is a trueno, but its koo. im lookin forward to the pop-up lights for the trueno.
  14. lofreq

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    hey guys. havent posted much more i know, we have been driving quite alot and filming a bit but we are still practicing car control, and suspension setup. got tons of raw video but its hard to compile it, sometimes all of it seems cool to watch, sometimes its all samey.

    anyway today we had another go and in between pretending to play demolition derby with our metal bodies we (sometimes) were in sync enuf to look cool. heres a small snippet - 5.7mb, WMV file. rightclick saveas. hope its fun :)

    http://www.defy.net.nz/lofreq/pics/RC Stuff/040801 - ET drift test sample.wmv
  15. mfzero

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    that is sweet man. keep up the good work :!:
  16. lofreq

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    thank you

    heres a grab from some video footage (no, not photoshopped)