1/4 size BC Electric streetcar and interurban models

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    Last month Gordon Hatch of Victoria, BC, the creator of a fleet of 1/4 size streetcars and interurbans passed away. For sometime his grandson has been trying to find a home for these models in the Victoria area.

    To give you an idea of the size, the BC Electric city car 240 is 11'8" long, 2'4" wide and 4 feet high. You could take out the interiors and drive the models.

    Gordon Hatch built these cars himself, ran them in his backyard and stored them in the family room with the patio doors acting as carbarn doors. The cars apparently have not run since 2001. The grandson has a web site with lots of photos:

    http://www.urban21.ca/streetcar models.htm

    http://www.urban21.ca/images5/2 Birneys-BW-3.jpg

    http://www.urban21.ca/streetcar museum/p271.jpg